Chemistry at Work

10th June 2016

Chemistry At Work is back!

Following on from previous years' successful events in Aberdeen, Moray and Tayside, TechFest is delighted to announce "Chemistry at Work", an event for Primary 6 and 7 pupils within the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - South area, being held at RGU. For Aberdeenshire - North pupils the event will be held on Friday 10th June at the Fraserburgh Campus North-East Scotland College. 

 What is Chemistry at Work?

Chemistry at Work events present to young people some of the basic principles of chemistry as they are applied in business, industry, research and everyday life, with particular emphasis on what is happening and opportunities, in the local area. The aim of the event is to show a positive image of the chemical-sciences as exciting, interesting and wealth-creating activities. It is hoped that this will stimulate the pupils' interest in chemistry and help them to understand and appreciate its importance to society.

 May 2015

Chemistry at Work Aberdeen 2015 was a huge success. We welcomed over 550 Primary 7 pupils from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to take part in the event, held at RGU. 

“The workshops and presentations aim to give a real world context to chemistry and presenters are able to demonstrate and interact with the pupils in a fun and motivating way.”

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 Chemistry at Work provides an exciting opportunity for young people to experience some of the basic principles of chemistry as they are applied in industry research and everyday life, with people who practice chemistry in their jobs. Organisations that use chemistry in their work are invited to provide short illustrations about aspects of their jobs. These organisations range from those whose main activity is chemistry to companies that use chemistry in less obvious ways. In addition, each of them is locally based, giving a particular emphasis on what is happening and opportunities in the local area.

The presentations, as well as being inspiring, educational and informative, promise to be fun and exciting, with hands-on or interactive elements enabling you and your pupils to become actively involved. Chemistry at Work provides pupils with a wonderful opportunity to gain first hand experience of chemistry in the "real world" from people who are actually involved. It will help them to understand the importance of chemistry and how it influences their everyday life. Each school that signs up will take part and experience three or four presentation over either a morning or afternoon.

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