CREST Star Investigators

About CREST Star Investigators

CREST Star Investigators is the British Science Association's UK-wide award scheme enabling children, usually aged 5 - 11, to solve science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) problems through practical investigation.

The Awards

CREST Star Investigators has three awards with over 60 investigations

  • Star (usually for students aged 5-7 years) complete 8 investigations
  • SuperStar (usually for students aged 7-11 years) complete 12 investigations
  • MegaStar (usually for students ages 8-12 years) complete 3 projects

Our activities focus on a mixture of hands-on practical work and discussion, encouraging children to work independently of adults. Lasting approximately one hour, the investigations are designed to be used in a club, in lessons, or outside of school.

You don't need a science background or even to be a teacher to run them. Full notes are provided as part of the resources including a list of everything you need for the activity.

What's included in the scheme?

As a CREST Star Investigator member you will receive instant download access to:

  • Over 60 investigations with supporting resources
  • Logbooks to record your investigators' progress through the awards
  • Customisable award certificates to celebrate when your learners complete their awards
  • School membership certificate recognising your involvement in the scheme *coming soon*
  • New activities each year covering all the award levels

All of these resources can be downloaded from the section of the website.

As well as a choice of investigations for each award, you can also choose activities from a variety of accredited partners either by visiting a science centre, downloading activities from the web, or booking an outreach visit.

Guiding principles

The CREST Star Investigator scheme has five guiding principles:

″ Solve a relevant, science-based problem, set within a context
″ Work in pairs or small groups, independently of adults
″ Take part in practical, hands-on science activities
″ Think and talk about science
″ Share ideas using a variety of media

"The CREST Star resources have been used to run clubs, teach whole class sessions and much more with great success. The breadth of access to teachers and young people through this project is impressive." - Sue Williams - AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust

Access to resources

Resources are now available to download FREE OF CHARGE from

To ask about out how CREST can work in your school or club email