Maths Masterclasses

The Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclass series is open to S2 aged pupils and is an excellent opportunity for enthusiastic and able young mathematicians to meet with other like-minded youngsters. Exploring a variety of different mathematical topics in a hands-on manner, these Masterclasses are delivered by a wide range of professionals. Although primarily aimed at S2 pupils, enthusiastic S3 pupils who have not attended are also welcome.

This series consists of Masterclasses held on Saturday mornings from 10:30am 1pm at the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University. The series runs from late November until March when pupils will be presented with Royal Institution certificates.

Thanks to all who took part and supported this year's Maths Masterclass Series.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Molly Imrie.


Phone: 01224 274193


These interactive and practical classes involved learning about the uses of Mathematics in everyday life. Some of the interesting topics covered by the academic and industrial professionals were: "How to win a Million Dollars" and "Maths and Astronomy"

During the final mathematics class, students and their parents were taught how to calculate the speed of a car from skid marks left behind after a car skid by police experts from Police Scotland. At the end of the day, 52 students were awarded certificates of attendance but above all, these students left with the experiential knowledge of captivating and inspiring ways of how to apply mathematics in real life.

TechFest would also like to thank Chevron and the RI for their continued support. With their support we have been able to increase class sizes and thus far no students have been turned away.

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