Maths In The Pipeline


Maths in the Pipeline is returning in November and we are welcoming over 20 schools to take part this November.

'Maths In The Pipeline' is a full day of mathematical workshops and challenge for 15 year olds based on the applications of mathematics in the oil and gas industry. All the days workshops are based on real data and the Captain Field in the Moray Firth is used as an example. These events encourage students to engage with Industry Professionals from local Oil and Gas companies and use the Maths they learn in school to solve problems tackled daily by these professionals.  

Beforehand pupils can undertake an interactive, virtual visit to the Captain Platform via the website:

Pupils from different schools are placed in a team and work alongside industry professionals at an industry venue. During the morning the teams are introduced to key industry topics and solve problems on these whilst developing their team working skills. The highlight of the day is the afternoons business challenge. With a deadline to meet and a presentation to be made this is both realistic and demanding.

Following on from Maths In The Pipeline, pupils can get involved with STEM In The Pipeline at S6 level.

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From pupils:

" I'd had doubts about how maths could be applied in real life before today, but I now see it can be used in many real life situations".

" it showed that you actually use maths for very important things".

"I now know that maths can be used in everyday life and not just in school".

" I want to be a chemical engineer but I didn't know how much there might be to the job. This intrigued me to pursue the job more".

From teachers:

"I particularly like how each school is represented in different teams and the development of their skills. I would love to see some similar workshops being brought into the schools to make our curriculum more relevant to the pupils".

"[for the pupils] seeing that a lot of the 'what do you use this stuff for anyway' is indeed needed and used in industry".

"Definitely one of the best 'Maths Activity' days I have attended with students.

Adivce from industry professionals at recent events: