Nuffield Research Placements

Nuffield ResearchPlacements(previouslyNuffieldScienceBursaries)provideover1,000studentseachyearwith theopportunityto workalongsideprofessionalscientists,technoilogists,engineersandmathematicians.

Studentsinthefirstyearofapost-16science,technology,engineering andmaths(STEM)courseareeligibletoapply.PlacementsareavailableacrosstheUK,inuniversities,
commercialcompanies,voluntaryorganisations andresearchinstitutions.

NuffieldResearchPlacementsareadministeredat aregionallevelbyanetworkofNuffieldcoordinators.ThecoordinatorforScotlandisJenniferSmith.


Forfulldetailsabout theschemeandhowtoapply,visittheNuffieldFoundationwebsite

For more information on the scheme in Scotland please
Further information and case studies can also be found on the Nuffield Foundation website

  • "I found the experience of time-keeping and working towards deadlines very valuable. I also felt that working with people has helped me develop my communication and presentation skills and this has helped me to realise that I would enjoy working with people in whatever career I end up in."-Student
  • "I found the most valuable part of my experience was learning to use my own initiative and work by myself." - Student
  • It is important to engage with secondary school level pupils to give them a taste of experimental science." - Supervisor
  • "The main benefit is engagement with young people better understanding of school leavers and their interests and perceptions. Improves communication and instigates analysis of the value, usefulness and approach of your own work. Engagement with teachers also useful. Good publicity." - Supervisor
  • "A brilliant experience for the students. A real taster of life in the lab outside of school and a good idea of what it is like to be in the workplace in a research setting." - Teacher
  • "Given the recent developments in developing the Scottish Science Baccalaureate, I think that the scheme is an excellent opportunity for young scientists to gain an academic/industrial experience." - Teacher