Statoil's Heroes of Tomorrow

Heroes of Tomorrow 

15 June 2016 

TechFest and Statoil are delighted to be holding  the third Heroes of Tomorrow event!  

 Join us on June 15th 2016 at the Statoil Offices, Kingswells and watch young talent present their projects to an enthusiastic audience and receive feedback from a team of esteemed Feedback Coaches.

 Heroes of Tomorrow is an event designed to encourage science communication in students at school aged S1-S6, and give them a stage to discuss the STEM topics that they are passionate.

For the press release on this event please click on the link below:

TechFest - Heroes of tomorrow June 2016.pdf

   The December 2015 Participants of Heroes of Tomorrow


Heroes of Tomorrow Curriculum Links.pdf

Any questions, please contact: Jenny Taylor


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for "Statoil's Heroes of Tomorrow"?

Students at secondary school in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in S1-S6.

Can I enter a team of students?

Yes.  You can nominate an individual or team of students.

 How many students can each school nominate?

Teachers can nominate up to three students or three teams of students, however if you
have more, please provide their details and we will do our best to accommodate.

Who can nominate students?

Teachers, parents/guardians can put forward student nominations.  Students may also self-nominate to attend.

 What topics are eligible?

Any STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) topic is eligible.  Subjects can include:

CREST Award Projects

Science Fair or STEM Club Projects

Topics studied in class

STEM inspired interests or hobbies e.g. robotics, ornithology, STEM clubs

STEM challenges e.g. Greenpower racing, Go4SET, EES, Maths Masterclasses, Maths in the Pipeline, Nuffield Bursary Scheme projects

Does it have to be linked to school work or Curriculum for Excellence?

No.  It can be any STEM subject your student is passionate about.  You can very links to how Statoil's Heroes of Tomorrow can enhance curricular learning experiences.

Will I need to take time off school?  Will my nominee need to take time off school?

No. Statoil's Heroes of Tomorrow will take place out-with school hours and students
will be asked to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Teachers are of course welcome to attend.

 What does it cost to nominate a student or attend?

Thanks to sponsorship from Statoil there is no charge to students or guests.

How long will the students have to share their topic.

5 minutes. 10 minutes for groups

Can the student use prompts or visual aids?

Yes.  Students can use prompts/visual aids and will have access to a computer/projector if they wish to use multimedia e.g. powerpoint presentations.