CREST Awards


The British Science Association CREST Awards give pupils aged 11-19 an opportunity to learn, undertake and engage in engineering, science or technology project work with strong communication emphasis and reflective learning elements.



CREST is a UK awards scheme that recognises success and enables students to build their skills and demonstrate personal achievement in project work.

It offers educators an easy-to-run framework for curriculum enhancement and is student-led, which means that young people take ownership of their projects and choose to undertake them in areas they enjoy or see as relevant.




There are four different levels of CREST Award:
• Discovery
A great first introduction to project work. These take about five hours and can be done in one day. Typically undertaken by 11-to-14-year-olds. 
• Bronze
Around 10 hours project work. Typically undertaken by 11-to-14-year-olds. 
• Silver
Around 30 hours project work. Typically undertaken by 14-to-16-year-olds.
 • Gold
Around 70 hours project work. Typically undertaken by 16-to-19-year olds. 


Project ideas can be created by students, teachers, organisations or local businesses – ideally, the decision should be student-led so that they choose a topic they are interested in investigating. There are three categories of CREST project to choose from: Research/Investigation, Design/Making; and Science Communication.

Have a look at the British Science Association's overview of crest resources to get some tips about how to support your students.

CREST Awards can be undertaken at school or college, within an after school club or youth group setting, or by participating in one of our accredited link schemes (i.e. Nuffield Scheme, RZSS Summer School, Geobus etc.)

Once students have completed their project work, they are individually assessed and successful students will receive a personalised certificate.


Benefits of a CREST Award

- Gives young people the opportunity to undertake hands-on science and experience being a real-life scientist. 
- Builds transferable skills such as time management, project management, teamwork and communication that are transferable to other subjects, further education and future employment.
- As CREST is highly regarded by universities, pupils can use CREST to enhance their personal statement for UCAS applications. 
- As a CREST Award can count towards your skills section for any level of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE).
- Students who have completed a CREST Award can take advantage of other opportunities to develop and showcase their projects and to network with others.


To help cover some of British Science Association's costs of managing CREST, there is a small per-student fee for each Award registration. The 2016/17 rates for UK students are:

• Discovery £3.00

• Bronze £5.00

• Silver £10.00

• Gold £20.00

The registration fee is collected by your CREST Local Coordinator for Silver and Gold Levels. An invoice will be sent upon submission of the students' CREST project and the required paperwork. Certificates will be sent once payment has been made.

For Bronze and Discovery Levels, the fee is paid online. 


Getting Started with CREST

 To register, update and submit your Discovery and Bronze Awards, please go to the CREST website.

For queries relating to Silver and Gold CREST Awards, please contact Lesley Weston by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 01224 274188. 

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