Useful Links

This section provides a simple listing of providers who offer games, courses and information which may be useful to you. Additional information on websites offereing on-line resources is available on the 'Online Resources' button.

Also have a look at the Activities and Outreach section which contains a list of programmes that are delivered or co-ordinated by TechFest.

Smallpeice Trust

Inspirational courses in engineering!

The British Science Association

Lots of useful advice about STEM Clubs.

Earth Science Education

Workshops for teachers ,available in Scotland
(with collaboration with SESEF)
Curriculum for Excellence: Social Studies and Sciences CPD
¦ Scotland's Journey: the story of Earth's rocks and internal structure
¦ Science Through the Window: investigating the science of atmosphere, soil, weathering, erosion and landscape Further ESEU Scottish workshops planned for 2010.

Interested? Information on all workshops available from
ESEU, School of Public Policy and Professional Practice,
Keele University, Staffordshire ST5 5BG
Tel: 01782 734437 Fax: 01782 734438 Email:

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